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How do I schedule a photo session?

To schedule a photo shoot, you can call, text, or email Lindsey Billheimer.

Just click here: 

Where will my photos be taken?

Every session is individual to the client, so the locations are individualized as well.  I encourage my clients to consider choosing a location with sentimental value to them, or I have many locations I can suggest to you as well depending on the style or look you would like for your photos.  I do charge an extra fee if the location is outside of San Bernardino County.  Also if there are any parking or entrance fees for a location, this charge will be covered by the client.  

When will I receive my photos?

There is an extensive process to finely editing your images, and choosing the best ones to go into your online gallery, therefore it usually takes 1-2 weeks for me to complete this process.  I will send you a link to your gallery when your photos are ready to be viewed.  Once you receive the link to your online album, then you can let me know which you would like printed.  It will take about 1-2 weeks to receive your print order once you have placed the order with me.  Personalized products (cards, albums, etc.) may take up to 3 weeks, and require your approval of the proof before I can place the order, so the process may be delayed if it takes a while for your response.

Will I receive all of the photos you take?

You will receive all of the photos that clear my culling process.  I do not offer all of the photos taken at a session because I take a wide variety of poses and angles in order to capture the best ones.  I don't include the others because it would just be more of the same thing except not as good.  Particularly with small children and babies, I often take WAY more photos while trying to capture just the right one.  More isn't necessarily better when it comes to the final product, but I will make sure that you get the best from the session.

Will I be able to print my own photos?

Each of my packages include an online gallery of images, and a flash drive of the images as well. (Mini sessions do not receive a flash drive)  You can download the images from your online gallery, and print them with your local printer if you would like, however I highly recommend ordering professional prints.  The reason is that your local Walmart, CVS, etc. does not print the photos in the same quality.  While its nice to save a couple dollars on your prints, you have already invested in beautiful professional photos, and printing at these locations will cause the quality to be reduced, and the prints will fade quickly in your home.  I order all of my prints from a pro lab, and I pay for the extra protective coating on the images to ensure that they will last without fading while hanging in your home.  For more information on printing at locat labs, click the print comparison photo to the right.

(this image, and the images in the link are not property of LindseyLou Photography)

Can I post my photos on social media?

Yes, you may post your photos on facebook, or instagram, (or wherever else you would like).  Please make sure to credit my business page when you post the photos, and please do not post screen shots from your phone.  Screen shots greatly reduce the quality of the images.

Can you fix my hair, make me look thinner, remove my pimples, etc?

My finely edited images include slight skin softening, teeth whitening, and removing imperfections that would be gone in a week anyway.  These imperfections include drool, pimples, scratches, etc.  If you would like more extensive editing, then I do offer additional editing at a rate of $5-$15 per photo depending on how extensive the request may be.  Additional editing can include removing tans or tan lines, adding a tan, fixing frizzy hair, gray hairs, making you look slimmer, removing a double chin, etc.  

What if we have to cancel or change our photo shoot?

Cancellations will result in loosing your session fee.  If you need to reschedule, I require at lease 24hrs notice to reschedule, and if there is more than one rescheduling of the same photo shoot, then there is a $25 fee for each additional reschedule.  If there is an issue with the weather, this is at my discression to decide whether or not we need to reschedule, and there is no penalty to you in this case.  

What should I/we wear for our photos?

You should consider your location when deciding what to wear.  For example, if you are taking photos in a nice grassy park, then wearing a lot of green may cause you to blend in.  Also, you may want to consider where the photos will be hung.  If you plan to hang them in your living room, then you may want to wear colors that will go well with your decor once the photos are hung on the wall.  

Here are some links to help you decide what to wear:

(the below images, and the images in these links are not from LindseyLou Photography)








Senior Girls
Senior Girls & Guys

This link has tons of great information with examples!


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